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Inheritance and Vampirism (by Sókareis)

First of all thanks to Gwen for giving me the opportunity and space on her website to write down my thoughts. I think she is doing a great job, especially since I think her to be one of the few out there with an open mind - someone who is willing to allow different thoughts, just as there are differences in people. Her opinions on vampirism do not (necessarily) match with mine, so everything you read on this page are my thoughts if you have any comment at all please direct it at me and not at Gwen, she merely hosts this page.

OK, so much for the introduction. What is this all about? Well, I do not agree with the stereotypical theories on vampirism, as most of you do neither. So I did some thinking of my own (which might develop into some kind of research someday) but I did not (so far) cross-check my thoughts with what others have said on the subject. So for the time being these are purely my own thoughts, which is not meant to say that no one else thought of it before.

Actually there are two dimensions to what makes a vampire a vampire.* The first is about the way he (or she, but for the sake of brevity I will stick to he (no offence meant)) lives. Having said "lives" this implies that there is an end to his "life" and a death... leading to the second dimension, and that is about him being reborn.

What I will not speculate on is how you can become a vampire in the first place. I haven't thought about that much, but I think that has no negative impact on the rest of this theory. I will start with the fact that you "know" - feel, think, are told, whatever - that you are a vampire. Then you (have to) live as a vampire. This may be the sanguinarian, emotional, psychic, or any other type. These types just refer to the way you replenish your lost energy. Someone said (come out and show yourself) that vampires loose their energy faster than normal humans and this is the reason why they have to feed on additional energy. This may be the case, I don't know, but I think what makes vampires loose energy faster is the fact, that they tend to do "more" compared to non-vampires. This may be something you do knowingly and/or (depending on how much you know about your powers) unaware. It is hard to say, but one of those things that require quite a bit of energy are those intense and realistic dreams Gwennifer had a poll about. Others may be a kind of background task running in your brain, or the energy needed to shield against other people.

Besides living a more or less normal live vampires do get older and this applies to physical ageing as well. I will not start to argue whether vampires will get older that non-vampires, I do think that you can use part of your energy to keep fit, young, healthy. But this only works to a certain extend. After a (extended) period of time the body eventually dies. The soul doesn't (just like a human soul), which leads to the reincarnation part of my theory.

I think the vampiric soul (which may be a separate entity which coexists with the human soul, or which replaces the human soul) sooner or later finds a new host body. There you are, inside a new body, not knowing much about your past. And you have to go through it all again. But sometimes (and if you use some energy on it) bits and pieces from the past come back. This is not something you become aware of directly but rather influences the way you act (and makes you hopefully act wiser then before).

There we are, this is just a very short introduction into my thoughts on vampirism. Having written this text I feel that there are lots of things to add (and discuss). What has been my guiding principle in writing and thinking up this theory is plausibility. I think it is highly implausible to think of "unkillable" vampires that live through the ages without getting (physically) older or dying. First of all that would make all (older) vampires very small (as people were not as tall back then). Even more important I think someone would have noticed that there are some people around who do not get older - but noone has. On the other hand I do think that there are different "levels" of knowledge in vampires. There are young and inexperienced ones and there are those that do appear to be very old. This theory helps to explain why this is the case.

Hey wow, thank you for bearing with me up till here. To repeat what I have said before, this is a work in progress and you are more than welcome to contribute and discuss it with me. On my behalf this is meant as a research project and not to insult, degrade or rob anyone of his or her belief system. Everyone is free to think what (s)he feels is right. I would merely like to discuss this theory. Please do write if you have similar or different experiences you would like to share with me. Write as well if you have read about divergent or akin theories (if possible quoting a source). And finally do write likewise if you think I am plain wrong because ... (put your reason here). Please don't write simply to insult me, I have a huge trash-can, and if you insult me with your first mail everything else you send finds its way to the trash automatically.

Okay, looking forward to your comments, thanks again to Gwen for having me with my strange theories, keep up the good work and an open mind.


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