Glossary of Vampire Terms

This glossary is for all of you, who are new to the subject vampirism. Since there is no "official" glossary of most terms I'll give my own thoughts and opinions without judging anything. Just be open and try to see this as a startig point.

The moment in which a vampire realises his true nature. This can be a very difficult and painful time. (see latent vampire)

Blood fetishists don't neccessarily consume blood. They just have a very strong attraction to the sight, smell or taste of it. Very often blood is linked to sexual acts. From the clinical perspective a fetishist is incapable of having sex without the subject of his attraction. (see also "haematophilia", "haematomania", and "haematodipsia")

Blood vampires have a strong craving for blood or a vampire whose only source of energy is blood. In some theories blood vampirism is – from an evolutionary point of view – a very early stage of vampirism. At a later time of his life a vampire is able to learn a more subtle form of feeding (see psi-vampirism). In contrary to this some blood vampires claim to be the only true kind of vampire.

Since most teeth are not made for biting ones neck (and this is medically seen as very risky) it's required to find other ways of getting blood. Usually this is made through cutting etc. Find someone who is qualified to teach you how to do that, or you risk serious injury. (have a look at this or this site for more information)

Very similar to blood fetishists. Blood is used in sexual play.

See psychic energy.

Classical Vampirism:
A term that describes the type of vampire very similar to those known from Stoker's writings. Usually a classical vampire has been turned by an older vampire. Some theories devide them into two categories: A categorie ONE vampire has a very extended life span of more than 150 years. A categorie TWO vampire has a normal lifespan like any human.

Coming Out:
Used in a similar way as regarding gays or lesbians. The main difference is, that this is very much more difficult than the "simple" gay coming out (Although this does not mean that talking about being gay is a simple thing, but I think it is simpler. I would love to hear from a gay or lesbian vampire about this, probably even a small article I would be glad to add to this site).
Coming out is something that has do be done very carefully, if you are a vampire, as people will consider you to be dangerous and probably crazy. This is still a very sensitive topic and some further discussion is definitely needed here.

Someone who gives blood of their own free will, or out of a desire to do so. (see source)

A hug. Nothing more! This has nothing to do with being turned. Even if this is part of most Dracula movies this is not the real live way. Hugging and biting does not turn – I have tried it, believe me on this one.

Every living thing has to consume something to live, whether it is food, blood, energy or other forms of "food". This term refers to the intake of energy of some kind (blood, psy etc.) by a vampire.

A strong psychological craving for blood.

An erotic attraction to the taste, sight (or smell) of blood. (see the Blood Journal (accademic) for information on blood)

Well, that's a tough one. Sometimes this term is used to distinguish vampires from "humans". Some vampires see themselves as human others stritly deny this. More a philosophical problem than anything else.

Hey, if this term is new to you, consider yourself lucky. Hunger is if you want or need something really bad. Some vampires prefer the expression thirst.

Whether just legend or frightening truth, a hunter seeks to harm or even kill a vampire. Some act out of religious motives others just hunt for sport. These are seriously disturbed individuals who are on some sort of holy, satanic or other hate crusade.

In the original sense this means incapable of dying. As far as scientific proves go there is no such thing. Some people see this term in a more spiritual sense or in a broader way meaning that vampires are less prone to infections, disease, injury or aging.

A classification for vampires, who are born that way and have inheritet this "illness" from one of their ancestors. Most European vampires are inheritors.

Latent vampire:
A term for an inheritor or a natural vampire who has not yet realised his true vampiric nature. The awakening is often triggered by a traumatic experience or by being "turned".

Usually an older vampire who works as a "guide" for a newly awakened one. Has to be chosen with care!!

Term used to distinguish between vampires and those who are not vampires. This term is, at best, misleading because it implies that vampires are "immortal". This is the same problem as with the term "human".

(working on it)

Someone pretending or claiming to be a vampire who is not.

Prana, pranic energy:
See psychic energy.

Psychic Attack:
A term used for an attack by an psi-vampire. Any uninvited draining of one's vital energy. One is said to have experienced a Psi-vamp attack when a psi-vampire has targeted and successfully fed from you, without your consent. Another view is that psychic vampire attacks ONLY take the form of such draining by the use of the psyche.

Psychic energy:
Also called prana, chi, pranic energy, etc. The life-force that is part of (and sorrounds?) all living things.

Psychic vampire:
Someone who drains life-energy rather than blood from others. Some psi-vampires are even able to draw energy out of nature itself. In some theories the highest evolutionary level of vampirism, in others a term, that has nothing to do with "real" vampirism.

Renfield Syndrome:
Named for the fly-eating maniac in Dracula, a mental disorder where the afflicted seeks to increase his/her own power by accumulating lives. It has four stages: Stage one, where the person starts out eating insects; stage two, where he graduates to larger organisms, such as birds, as did Renfield, often feeding the bugs to the birds, then consuming the birds; stage three, he is compelled to seek after larger "lives", killing larger animals and drinking their blood to receive power; stage four, where he desires after human's blood, possibly being a danger to others or themselves.

Role-Player: One who engages in roleplaying games like VtM and others. Sometimes RPGers are also lifestylers, others distinguish between their 'human' life and their role and have nothing to do with Vampires.

Derived from the Latin word 'sanguineus', which means bloodthirsty. Sanguinarians have a physical craving for blood (which is normally non-erotic in nature).

Someone who has a general, often scientific, interest in vampirism or the desire to become one.

Sexual Vampirism:
A relatively rare variety of vampirism that feeds primarily from sexual energy.

Term used to describe the unique aura or energy structure that each individual has.

A very literary term often used by Ann Rice fans and few real vampires. Someone who is responsible for turning someone into a vampire.

It is a neutral expression for a donor or victim, who is the person where the vampire gets the blood or energy.

1) see source.
2) Someone who deals in (mostly) blood and/or brokers between source and vampire.

The craving to drink. Sometimes it's described as an addictional withdrawing feeling but is less painful. Manifests itself in ravenous attacks.

To make someone a vampire. There are more theories on how to do this than I could quote here. Some theories insist that there is no possiblity of turning a human. This is only possible with latent vampires. (see Theories section on the homepage)

A term anyone uses in accordance to his own definitons. Since there is so much dispute over the correct definiton this term is avoided by many real vampires.

Vampire lifestyle:
Some say lifestylers are not vampires. They only use the characteristics of the vampire to make themselves more comfortable with their own identity. In my own words: a lifestyler can be both, fake and real vampire and is simply someone who has adopted the caracteristics of the literary vampires. This very often overlaps with the gothic scene.

In numbers: There is one true vampire for every thousand wannabes. Someone who claims to be a vampire and often asks to be turned. Sometimes the wish to escape reality and become a vampire is so strong that the person develops caracteristic symptoms of a vampire. This makes it very hard to distinguish between fake and the real one. A tip: Very often the addiction to Ann Rice type of books shows very much in the romantic and often dramatic biography of the wannabe. Wannabes (like some lifestylers) indulge themself in using oldfashioned expressions right out of classical literature.

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