Past Quick Poll Results

Okay, here we go the first Quick Poll Question that was asked on this site was on the topic of coming out as a Vampire. The question asked was "Do you think that it is a good idea to tell the world about your vampiric orientation?"

Coming Out as Vampire
Do you think that it is a good idea to tell the world about your vampiric orientation?
Yes, no need to hide it!**** 17,2%
Only to a selected few. 64,4%
No. 18,4%

The results are far from representative, as I know close to nothing about who took part in the poll, and those that did are probably not a representative sample of the world population as a whole (and around a hundred participants is too small a group anyway). Nevertheless some interersting trends can be detected:

(1) Since 17% said that there is no need to hide being a vampire, either the situation in the US [most visitors during the poll period have been from the Americas] is quite different (e.g. more tolerant) than in Europe or the term vampiric orientation has been misinterpreted as including a vampiric (gothic) lifestyle which should be much easier to communicate to the world.

(2) The expression "selected few" is a bit vague, therefore most respondents will probably have included people of a similar orientation (e.g. other vampires) in this group.

(3) Observation (2) leads to the conclusion, that in fact 83% of respondents think that you cannot talk about being a vampire with people in general. This is a significantly lower number than what the homosexual community typically says in similar polls to the topic of coming out.

I think there are a couple of questions that might be discussed further here. First, who thinks it is no problem to tell the world that you are a vampire (and where (geographically) that is already possible). Second, will the fact that you can't tell change in the near future? Third, does it make sense to try to talk about it partly (whatever you consider to be partly)?

If you find this topic interesting and would like to see further discussion of it, please do send me your comments and opinions and I will post them here and will create new polls into it.

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