Psychic Vampires

Chapter I: A Story

In the middle of the night she woke up. There was someone in her room. There was no voice, no sound that could have woke her up, just the sheer knowledge that someone, something was there. She tried to turn her head but realised in horror that she was unable to move or even to cry. There she lay, totally paralysed while this "someone" came nearer. The pressure in her head got stronger and stronger and she felt as if she was going to faint out of fear. "Go, go away!" was all she could think of and suddenly it was gone. This suddenly was a little bit too much for a 8year old and mercifully she finally fainted.

Chapter II: My Thoughts on Psychic Vampirism

What sounds like the beginning of a bad horror book is indeed a real story. How do I know? Well, because it happened to me! It's so long ago but I will never ever forget the horror I experienced that night. "Just a horrible nightmare, something the fantasy of a young girl made up.." That's what you'll probably say next. But it wasn't, believe me. It took me more than twenty years to discover this. Back than I had a terrible time afterwards since I couldn't bear to sleep in the dark anymore, but after about half a year I forced myself to forget about the whole thing.

About two years ago I stumbled across a book about nightly phenomenons and there I finally found the explanation of my nightly encounter. The medical term for what I experienced is a "Hack-Attack". This phenomenon has been reported as far back as the 11th century and it happened to people of all ages and almost anywhere in the world. People, who made such an experience reported the following "symptoms": waking up in the night without any obvious reason; the presence of someone/something (many people who where (un-)fortunate enough to sleep on their back even saw a silhouette of a person); sudden pressure on the chest, increasing with every minute (often described as the feeling of someone lying on top of oneself); finally fainting.

After a little research I even found some people claiming they saw a being with red glowing eyes and reported that they had been bitten by this creature. What you make of this additional reports I leave it to yourself, but personally I don't believe them. The symptoms I wrote before are what you will find in any good, trustworthy medical or psychological book about this topic.

So, what's the reason for this phenomenon? Sorry, but it has never been found. Of course there are a lot of "reasonable" explanations, choose one according your personal believes: just a nightmare (that happens to people of all ages and everywhere), probably a little bit fatty food the night before (might happen sometimes), a ghost/vampire-attack...

I don't claim to know the truth, I just thought this to be a good opener about this essay on psychic vampirism. Why? Because there are people (quite a lot, indeed) who say, that a Hack-Attack is nothing but an attack by a psychic vampire.

Well, what's that? I have to admit, that I am not that much into this subject. So I have to tell you that everything I write in this chapter (except what I wrote above) is not based on scientific literature (It's my personal believe, that modern books about vampirism are not written with any scientific approach. In old literature I couldn't find the term "psychic vampire".) So is this whole thing about Psy-Vampires just made up by some esoteric US-guys who aren't that much into blood? In my taste that's not THAT unlikely, since you guys over there seem to have quite a lot of imagination...

Anyway, this certainly is an "IN"-topic and since a lot of people have asked me for advice or information on this I will write, what I have heard so far. There are other, more explicit sites about psychic vampirism, please refer to my link list for more information.

Let's start with some questions on ethic. What makes a living being? Oh, no, I am not going to pull you into some boring discussions. I will tell you my own opinion. Everything that consumes energy, whether it is light, food, water, touch ... and turns it into something ... growth, light, movement, sound ... is living. Life is made of energy, energy we need to keep on living, and energy we loose in order to do this. So sometimes we have to "refill" a little bit. The average person takes some food, drink or even a good night of sleep. What are your personal energy-sources? The ones I mentioned before, of course. But for some people filling up the battery can be done through other things. Some people take a stroll through nature, have a bath in the sea or hear some music. The energy we get from such "other" sources is usually nothing that can be seen, measured or felt. But it is there, isn't it? If you found yourself in this description, well, than - congratulations- you are a psy-vampire! A psy-vampire is plainly someone who is able to drain energy from other sources than food and drink. You did not know that? Well, that's not a surprise to me. A lot of people recharge their batteries that way. There's nothing wrong with it, isn't it..? Well, under certain circumstances there indeed is something wrong with this method! There are people, who don't take their energy from "dead (?)" things like trees and sunlight; they use human beings instead.

Don't be upset since I am one of them. I prefer blood, not because I like the taste or I am a SM-person. My batteries get discharged a little bit faster than yours, so I need more energy than food could give me. That's what makes ME a vampire. But that's not the topic here.

A Psy-Vampire is someone who is able to take the life-energy (sometimes called pranic energy, psy, chi....etc.) of human beings. A lot of them don't even know what they are doing, that's the most dangerous kind. They are unaware of their harmful nature.

Have you ever met someone who made you feel exhausted, tired etc? Chances are you met a Psy-Vamp. Their methods are various: some push your emotions on a high, so that you feel wonderful, but after they leave you, you just feel tired. Others go the other way and try to make you upset. They feed on your negative emotions. A lot of people think that there are individuals sophisticated enough to feed on someone without the need to be in his presence. The "Hack-Attack" I described above is some variation of doing this. Is that finally the explanation? I don't know and I will never know (unless this "someone" who turned up in my bedroom finally comes out and explains himself to me). Feeding methods are described in hundreds of ways.

There are too many ways to list them here, the thing is: Psy-Vamps take something without your agreement! Not that fair, isn't it?

To "feed on energy" is something that can be (and is often) done by humans. So the idea that someone could use this technique to feed on humans is not that far from being possible. I personally met a lot of people claiming to be Psy-Vamps but nobody was ever able to feed on me.. But those people might exist. The ideas certainly is worth a second thought.

So you found yourself in one of the described situations? You think that someone you know is/or might be a Psy-Vampire? You think you are under attack?

There are ways to protect yourself. How?

Chapter III: Protection

The following chapter deals on methods on self-defense against an attack by a Psy-Vampire. There have been quite many books written on this and I took a look into one or the other. My personal believe is that you don't need a "professional" wiccan or a sorcerer to perform any magic spells. It's much simpler. Why should you spends tons of money on something that might probably not work on you. The emphasis lies on "on you", which means that protection methods are very individual and may depend even on the vampire you encounter. So if you are not in any life-threatening situation than try to start with what I can offer you.

The trick is simple: Choose something, that you feel COMFORTABLE with! If you don't think that it works or if you feel this is not like yourself don't waste your time. If what I tell you is not YOUR method, than find your own. What I give here is just an idea of what is necessary. So judge for yourself.


What we are going to do is not a magic ritual. (If you think you need one and are a little bit into things like wicca etc. than add your own spells to this). Before you start you have to concentrate on yourself, to calm down and relax. If this would be a ritual than the procedure you are going to undertake would be called a ritual cleaning. But don't forget: It's all about concentrating, finding to your inner-self, RELAXING.

Take a scented bath and try to relax. Close your eyes and try to FEEL your body. Start with your toes, go up your legs and so on.. Concentrate, try to feel yourself. If you feel totally aware of yourself you might notice something disturbing. The vampire who attacked you might have left a hole in your energy-level. Probably you just don't feel well. Don't be upset. Concentrate on this negative feeling. Try to visualise it. Probably as a dark knot in your stomach etc. Now feel the cleanliness of the water around you. The warmth, how it touches your body.. Wash yourself, and visualise, how the clean water washes away the darkness. It's all about, that YOU make it happen. You have the power to do this. As soon as you feel clean step out of the bath and let the water drain away. Dress in something you feel good and protected in and proceed to the next step.

Recharging your battery

Find a warm place, where you are left alone, somewhere quite. It might be your bedroom, a favourite place in the woods, the finally doesn't matter. Sit down and relax. Light a candle. Concentrate on the flame, the warmth, the light, the energy radiating from it. Breathe that energy. Try to inhale it. Visualise how this energy fills up the gap that has been left after you cleaned yourself from the darkness. Continue until you feel well and healthy again. If you are in the nature, concentrate on the sun (or the moon). Take all the energy you can get, feel the energy inside of you, how it makes you strong. When you feel relaxed and strong again proceed to the next step.

Saying NO

This step depends on the kind of attack you are under. Let's start with a nocturnal attack, which may seem like a nightmare.

Do you like your bedroom? Sorry I have to say it again, but this is all about feeling relaxed. So if you always wanted to change something do it now! Buy a few cushions, light a candle (careful if you might fall asleep), burn some scented sticks whatever you like. Sit on your bed. This is YOUR place, your home, your heaven. Think of a way to protect it. Even if it appears stupid to you, do what your heart tells you to. Place a cactus, a knife, a cross beside your bed. Something YOU think has positive power. It might be the bible, it might even be a picture of your best friend. Surround yourself with things you like. When you go to bed think about what you did to recharge. Visualise the energy inside you, how strong you are. If you are afraid concentrate on the good things around you. If you think you can, remember your last attack. Develop an alternative scenario where things are a little bit different. When the attack starts, think yourself sitting upright in your bed and shouting "NO!" to the intruder. Probably you will have to practice a little bit during daytime. But if YOU make yourself protected, if YOU are able to say NO, than you ARE protected. In most cases the Psy-Vamp will find a more frightened prey. A Psy-Vamp is locking for innocent victims, not someone who is willing to fight, therefore he will most likely leave you alone.

The case is not that different if your Psy-Vamp is operating during daytime. Most of the work you have already done, which is to unmask him/her. If you don't think it appropriate to confront him/her than better leave it. One the one hand it simply isn't necessary, on the other think of the embarrassment if you are wrong. Most daytime Psy-Vamps will try to upset you in any way. Even if it feels good in the beginning think of the negative side-effects. Say to yourself: "I don't want that any more.". But more important, tell the other person. Say: "I don't want you to make me upset again. I don't feel good with this and I don't want it anymore." Stay calm, that's essential, even if he/she plays his/her old tricks again. Just walk away. Sorry, if that sounds simple. IT IS! Even if you are not under attack by a Psy-Vamp, the ability to say NO is something that can never do any harm to you. Even if it means loosing someone you regarded as a good friend, think of what you are loosing know! If you are not sure about someone being the cause of your lack of energy than try to avoid this person for a while. A week will usually do. If you feel better afterward - snap! You found your Vampire.

As I said before: This is my own version and you should try to find something, that feels good (and sane) to YOU. What I've described here are techniques to relax and concentrate which will never do any harm. Find out for yourself.

By the way: It never hurts to consult a doctor first. Probably the reason for your feeling drained are far more easy to find, or have a completely different cause!

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