A "second" Welcome Message to clear things up a bit!

(And a special message to all role-players, "Lifestylers", Goths, Satanists etc.)

First of all welcome to my place on the web, again! In the past there has been quite a bit of uncertainty about the purpose of this site I think I have to elucidate a couple of things.

I am a person who drinks blood. Call it a Vampire, call it Sanguinarian, call it strange, I don't mind as long as you respect me. That's all I ask for and nothing else I will offer you.

What I want to say is:
I will respect you no matter who or what you are, a teenager from Dallas with interest in vampirism, a Satanist from Bolivia, a Goth from Castrop-Rauxel. It doesn't matter, as long as you are honest about yourself. On my page you will find the "No Role-playing" sign. That means: This is no place to be someone or something you are not. If you are here to play games you'd better find a more appropriate place. Role-playing is most certainly a game which is quite fun to play, but please don't play it here! There are better places to do so. If you came here to talk about sense and non-sense of role-playing, your motives and aims that's ok. and I will find this most interesting, but PLEASE make clear, who you are!!

It's a sign of respect for the individuality of others to be honest about yourself. This is no place for judgements, no place for hatred: this is a place for COMMUNICATION! That's all you'll find here. Information, facts, views, comments, always personal and always real. I will not regard anyone as a "better vampire" just because he/she shares my personal views.

In the beginning I have tried to make this a place for blooddrinkers only. But I've come to the conclusion that this is impossible. So, from now on this is a place for everybody!!

It has never been my intention to hurt or discriminate any group or individual. I just wanted to make clear that this is a "as-reasonable-as-can-be" site about the problems of being a blooddrinker. However, the topic vampirism is of interest to many people, most of them with very diverse and different backgrounds.

I am trying to built a community. But I didn't realise that a community cannot exist without tolerance and understanding for others. I've learned my lesson. I thought, just because some people where so different from me they weren't that serious about this subject. Sorry, I was wrong. In the past months I've met a whole bunch of new people, most of them VERY different, but (almost all) fun and interesting to talk to. Thanks to all of you, who made the effort of contacting me despite not being blooddrinkers. It's been (and will always be) a pleasure to meet you!

However, this site will still be to some extend about being Sanguinarian. But whatever your age, gender, lifestyle or religion, you are and will always be welcomed here as long as you are YOURSELF!!!!


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