The Original Welcome Statement

RPGs or VtMs not welcome!

Vampirism is a topic which (especially in America) has recently got much attention by the media. The books and films of Anne Rice, role-playing games and Internet sites are enjoying a high popularity. On my journeys through the Internet I have come across many different sites, but only a few of them offered any reliable source of information on the topic „real life vampirism" (for notable exceptions see the links page).

The "vampire scene" often overlaps with the gothic and fetish scene. Since I am not that experienced in those circles I will stick to the topics to which I can add my personal experiences. I will admit from the beginning that I do not have much tolerance for lifestylers and fakers. This statement will probably get me a couple of hate-mails but my intention is to make clear from the beginning that this page strictly deals with real-life-problems of both sanguinarians and psi-vampires. This is not for fakers - THIS IS REAL LIFE!

Hey, you're still reading?! Yes! Surprised? Well, vampires do exist (although I have to add that I personally don't like this expression). But though I am one, I am nevertheless a human (mortal) person. I don't sleep in a coffin. I like the night and till now I haven't turned into a bat or wolf at night. The only thing that distinguishes me from other "normal" people is my craving for blood and different forms of other energy.

I am a sanguinarian and psychic vampire. I was born that way and for a very long time was unable to cope with my special abilities. Since I am open to modern technologies I used the Internet to find others of my kind and gain any possible (reasonable) information which proved to be very hard to get. For those who trust my recommendations I have formed a list of sites, which offer help and guidance to real life vampires.

I built this page to work as a kind of forum of information and place of exchange of ideas. Those who visit this site might discover that some things or theories are strange or may even collide with their personal believes and view of life. I expect nobody visiting this page to be without prejudice, but do keep an open mind! You have a certain view of life from which you judge new theories and ideas. But that should not keep you from risking some thoughts about a different view someone else has. I want people to accept my way of living and to respect myself as a human being - the same things you no doubt as for yourself. I don’t claim this page to be scientific; I just try to view this subject from an – as reasonable as can be – point of view.

Those who have the same "problems" as myself will probably want to add their personal experiences, and please feel free to do so!! One of my main aims for this page is to build a kind of network of European vampires, to form a kind of community. Although the Internet does unite and a lot of people say that the geographic location does not matter, I still think that there are a number of differences between the US and Europe – after all this is the old world.

Well, enjoy your stay and have a good time. I do hope you find some useful information. Please do contact me if you wish, or leave a message in my guestbook.


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