Past Quick Poll Results

This has been the second poll. It is connected to my thoughts about dreams. The question asked was "Do you have recurring dreams of a specific location and people you meet there?" The answers have been seperated into two categories: One for those with "only" a vampiric livestyle and the other for real vampires. This was merely to find out if vampires have a significantly higher tendency to dream these kind of dreams.

Recurring Dreams
Do you have recurring dreams of a specific location and people you meet there?
Real Vampires78,1%21,9%  78,1%
Vampiric Lifestyle64,9%33,1%  64,9%
---  yes ---  no

Again, the results are far from representative, and are most likely influenced by the fact that those living a vampiric livestyle may feel the same things vampires feel. Therefore it would be very interesting to find out what people who do not live in any way vampiric would answer to this question. If anyone knows of a suitable site to post this question for a couple of weeks I would very much look forward to a message.

Nevertheless it was quite interesting to observe how this poll developed over the two weeks it was online. The first thing was, that the relation between the two groups has been quite stable, that is over three quarters of the vampires dreaming of the same place over and over again compared to always below two thirds of the other group.

From this observation I dare to say that indeed there may be a reason to believe that these special dreams are a part of being a vampire. That the other group scores high as well, could be due to a kind of wannabe-me-too effect. This is supported by some of the emails I did receive. They contained some dreams which do not fit the category I was looking for with the question (to put it mildly). What I would like to get are more reports from vampires concerning their dreams, to see if they match what I experience.

On a final note, I got something else out of the survey and that is that the ralation of lifestylers to vampires visiting these pages is about two to one.

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