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In the last months many of my foreign friends have asked me how life in Europe is really like. Others wanted to have tips on how to explore the countries that form Europe. If you just want to take a tour of the big cities, you might be better off with some of the regular tour guides from your local bookshop. But if what you want is a real insight into everyday-life I certainly might be able to give you some hints where to catch the real spirit of Europe.

Whenever I can I will give you some hints where to meet people of the vampiric community and how to find them. But be aware that vampiric life in Europe is not so freely practised as in the US. Most groups (if there are some, since most vampires prefer a rather secluded lifestyle) tend to stay among themselves and are rather reluctant to mingle with "tourists". So in the coming articles I will tell you, where I prefer to spend my time and I hope you will like these places too. Please remember, that I can only give you a small glimpse of what life in the "Old World" is really like. Find out for yourself, and.. who knows.. probably we’ll meet someday, somewhere....


This was the first article in the series. A tour along the Belgium-Dutch border.


Now we are heading southwards - entering the Alps - and visiting Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Egypt new

Okay, don't tell me – this is not Europe – I know – but almost and it is the source of our civilisation, so this is interesting nonetheless.

And this is the second part. From Lübeck towards the East to Ludwigslust.


This is where I really feel at home. You don't even have to go to the northern coast, the Borders are just picture-perfect.

By the way, please tell me what you think about the travel tips. If there are places you heared about and you would like to find out more, tell me, I might have been there already and can talk about it in one of the next updates.

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