European Night - Gwennifer's Guide to Vampiric Living
European Night
Gwennifer's Guide to Vampiric Living

April 2000

What's going on this Week? Quick Poll Results

Wow, I had my first (online) newspaper interview, check it out (and have a look at their website as such, too). Besides that, it is always nice to hear from you, so if you have any questions or look for something particular you cannot find here, don't be afraid to send me an email. Yes, I do answer those.

A couple of updates will be done in April, come back regularly and see what is happening. I guess I will start on the newsletter then as well, so feel free to subscribe. And NO, I do not sell those addresses to anyone.

One more thing, I am thinking of doing some merchandise, anyone interested in anything special? Drop me a line.

 (...old news)
Why are my visitors coming?

Why are you visiting this site?
Because I ...

am just curious.

am interested in Vampirism.

have a problem and
look for a solution.

like you freaks.

stumbled on it in error.

European Night - Vampires in Europe

This is the other side of the ocean. There are vampires (or vampyres if you prefer the old spelling) in Europe as well. This site is meant as a place to meet – and contribute, if you like – for those of a (real) vampiric orientation in the old world. I am from Germany, but whether you are English, Danish, Swiss, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, Welsh (is that the right term for those from Wales?), Austrian, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Albanian, Greek, Turkish or anything else really*, feel welcomed. This place here is still (and always) a work in progress, so why not bookmark this page and come back once in a while. Or even better send me anything you think that is missing here. This is not just my page, but is meant as a place to meet. For that you have to contact me – and please do so.

Be Welcomed

Hi there, thanks for paying me a visit. This is my welcome statement and introduction to my site.

Message to my regular visitors

Welcome, again. Actually this message goes out to anyone, who may require a bit of clarification as to what this site is, and who it expects you to be.

Your Hostess

It's not easy to speak about oneself. What I tell you here is honest and truthful. I guess you will understand if I hesitate to tell too much, as there is another life besides the Internet.


This is developing very nice, keep on writing. I love to get new entries, so do sign it and feel free to read what's there.

Meeting Place Europe

Here you will find contact details to other vampires and groups in Europe. Your feedback is needed for this page to develop.

Fresh Views and Different Opinions

This site is a place to meet – and to talk. "Fresh Views" is your place to talk about things. Things I don't necessarily agree with, but which I find interesting enough to share with others.

Please bear in mind that content in this section is written by others, so please direct your comments to them directly and don't try to make me change something.)

The European Vampire

This should take a couple of weeks to really start. It is meant as a mailing list for our little community to exchange ideas and to keep in contact. Feel free to join.


My (vampiric) link collection is here for you to explore. I try to give a -personal- comment on all the sites listed, I hope this will be somewhat helpful.

History of Vampirism

There is so much to discover. And I have just started my tour of discovery. What this area is going to be is a look around Europe (mainly), at folk tales and other sources of historic information. Most of this will be fictional, as the real history is an unknown to me at the moment.

A Glossary

This is not ultima ratio. Have a look at this if you are new to the topic of vampirism and look for a help with the expressions used.


If there is something like the classic vampire, then these probably come closest. Vampires who drink blood.


Not every vampire feeds the "classic" bloody way. There are other sources and this article talks about this other big group. Oh, and in case you are attacked by one, I will tell you how to put up a defence to it.

Other Vampirism (coming up)

There is much more to talk about. I have just started to explore the other types, and discover what other sources are available to me as well.

Travel Tips Europe

Do you want to experience the true spirit of "good old Europe"? Follow me and I'll show you all the hidden places of my home. Meet the European vampire community and experience a whole new world of old charm and new lifestyles.

Quick Poll Results

There will be a quick poll conducted every week and I do hope that you continue to contribute as much as you have so far. This page is dedicated to the results of past polls.

Webrings & Awards

Eventually you will have to leave this site again (sadly) so this might be a way out of here and to some other vampiric places on the net.

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*  If you are from Europe and do not find your nationality in this list accept my apology and send me an email to correct this mistake. If you are not from Europe, feel welcomed to look around nevertheless. And if you feel that you have something to contribute to this site you are more than welcome to do so – just as any European vampire is. To sum it up, this enumeration of countries and nationalities is not meant to keep anyone out but merely there to show who the primary target group of this site is.